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Sep 28 2014

And Then She Asked: “So What Do You Do – Sit Around and Sing Kumbaya?

I was hunched over my laptop at Starbucks at the only table available – right next to the sugar/creamer/napkin stand. I’d been driven out of my house by another neighborhood power outage – third time this month – and while I appreciated the electric company’s many advance warnings (automated phone calls and a postcard in the mail: “There will be …

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Sep 25 2014


Anoek van Praag – Guest Blogger

Today I was having morning coffee in the neighborhood with some friends when the subject of body/mind illness came up. I am always surprised when folks talk about body/mind only – where is the soul? Or the heart? Or the subconscious? It is still amazing to me that most people are …

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Sep 24 2014

Don’t Do What I Did: Making the Most of Media Opportunities

Linda Lowen – Guest Blogger

In the 1950 noir classic Sunset Boulevard, all-but-forgotten silent movie star Norma Desmond anticipates a comeback and prepares for the moment the cameras are on her. That premise gave actress Gloria Swanson one of the best lines ever uttered on film: “All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my …

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Sep 23 2014

Sherry Amatenstein – What We Still Don’t Understand About Domestic Violence

Sherry Amatenstein’s most recent article on Your Tango deals with domestic violence – the factors leading up to it and the healing that must follow.

Read her full article here: What We Still Don’t Understand About Domestic Violence

Sep 22 2014


Anne Perry – Guest Blogger

‘Ripped from the Headlines’ sounds rather visceral, doesn’t it?  But isn’t that what stories should be?  Full of brains, heart and guts!  But where to get the core of the idea to start with?

The ‘news’ is full of them.  All you need is the seed, just the very beginning.  We …

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Sep 21 2014

What Happened To Me – Unexpectedly – At Women At Woodstock

Sep 19 2014

Read This Letter From a Woman Who Experienced “In Discussion”

Victoria Zackheim shared this with me – a letter she received after she and Anne Perry performed their event “In Discussion” at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC) a while ago. Victoria and Anne will be bringing “In Discussion” to the opening night at each of our retreats this October.

The letter:

I didn’t take notes, …

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Sep 18 2014

Barbara Hannah Grufferman Shares Celeb Wisdom

Congrats to Barbara Hannah Grufferman for her latest article on the Huff Post 50 Blog. Barbara shares her experiences, and what she learned from a few celebs at the AARP Ideas@50+ event recently held in San Diego.

Read the full article here: What I Learned From 5 Boomer Celebs (And What I Should Have Asked)


Sep 17 2014

Durga Tree International – Masquerade Ball

Durga Tree International, the non-profit organization founded by Beth Tiger (WAW 2013 presenter), is hosting its second annual Masquerade Ball this November. The black-tie, Masquerade-themed ball will benefit global charities that rescue and rehabilitate victims of modern day slavery.

It will be a night of music, dinner, and cocktails in Andover, NY on Saturday November 1st.

For more info on …

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Sep 16 2014

Ivy Slater – Business Success Retreat

Ivy Slater, Slater Success Coaching, is giving a two-day Business Success Retreat this weekend, with the focus on Small Business owners.

The BSR is for someone who is not ready to start as big, but still would like some hand holding, in-person support, and clarity in their planning. It is a 2 Day Retreat where a small group …

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