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Aug 29 2014


Anne Perry – Guest Blogger

I am excited about Women at Woodstock, and the more I work on my class on Backstory, the more I see the depth of its use.  I am sure my own work is going to be not only better but easier and more fun to write because of the ideas …

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Aug 28 2014

The GypsyNester Escapades

Veronica James, one half of The GypsyNester duo, will be attending Women At Woodstock East this year. We’re thrilled that Veronica will be joining us! Her venturesome, inquisitive nature is so much a part of what Women At Woodstock is all about.

Check out The Gypsy Nester’s latest video of their travel escapes: Meet The GypsyNesters!


Aug 27 2014

The Three Tomatoes – Weekly Guide

A huge thanks to The Three Tomatoes for sharing Women At Woodstock with their readers this week. The Three Tomatoes is an informative, honest, and highly entertaining e-newsletter, for and about boomer women – it’s also one of our favorites!

The Three Tomatoes – A Weekly Guide to LA Insider’s Events, Good Causes, and Special Offers


Aug 26 2014

Stuff: The Gifts That Just Keep Giving

Janet M. Neal – Guest Blogger

My daughter goes off to college next week. My house looks like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Staples crashed and their contents are strewn everywhere. What once looked like an organized garage now has the feel of an overcrowded thrift shop, one where you have to weave your way …

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Aug 25 2014

Cindy Joseph – Revealing Her Real Hair

I think this is an important vlog from Cindy Joseph. People can say a blog about a hairstyle is trivial, but we all know that how we feel about our hair is key. Is there any woman who has not cried – hysterically,  mind you, about her hair at least once in her life? More …

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Aug 19 2014

An Afternoon Women’s Salon in New England

The July evening salon presented by Barbara Cummings was such a success, they’ve decided to have another.

Join Barbara and host Georgina this Sunday afternoon for some lively conversation and the forging of new friendships.


Date: Sunday August 24th

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Place: 10 Downey Place, Hopkinton, MA

RSVP by email or phone:

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Aug 17 2014

Seriously, It’s Time to Take Care of Stuff

Last year my daughter Sarah lived with us for several months, and during that time she got me thinking about the stuff I hold onto. She’s into minimalist living, and she really believes in the mental clarity and inner peace that open clear surfaces and orderliness – filling your personal space with only what …

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Aug 16 2014

New – Now You Can Register A La Carte

Many women have written to ask if they could sign up for just a day or even for an individual workshop at Women At Woostock 2014, so I’ve been working on a way to make it possible. I’m happy to announce that now you can sign up for a single or half-day workshop, a full …

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Aug 15 2014

The Red Carpet…to an Empty Room?

Victoria Zackheim – Guest Blogger

I remember a conversation that took place perhaps ten years ago. Someone asked me what would make me happy…as a writer. Getting published? I said yes, that would certainly do it. Or do you need to have strong book sales? Well, yes, that, too. Ah, she went on, and the …

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Aug 06 2014

Guess Who We Know on The Today Show?

Post by Women at Woodstock.

Three of the women who appeared on the “Dating After 50″ segments on the Today Show last week met at Women At Woodstock. Click above to watch them on camera. You can also see Bobbi Palmer, The “Date Like A Grownup” dating coach and an alum from Women At …

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