Ann Voorhees Baker

Ann Voorhees BakerAnn Voorhees Baker is owner of Net Marketing-123, an agency that provides strategic planning, maintenance, and training in all aspects of online marketing and PR for small businesses.  Her specialty is teaching social media marketing to business owners and executives age 50 and above, and her expertise includes media training, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and WordPress and mobile website design.  She is a featured expert on and a regular contributor to, and regularly conducts webinars on media pitching, press releases, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, email campaigns, and SEO, and on strategies to tie all of these marketing activities together.  Her most popular e-Tip Sheet is How to Use #*&!! Facebook and her highest attended webinar of late is How to Get Off the Social Media Hamster Wheel in Hell.  Ann is also the creator of PR-123 and Web Traffic-123, services and training in PR and SEO designed specifically for small business owners.

Over her 20-plus years in PR and marketing, Ann has represented a number of green and health-based products and services and causes for the betterment of the environment, education, health care, parenting, and social justice.  Some clients past and present include Sharp Electronics Solar Energy Division, The Nature Conservancy, Office Depot Green, the Earth Day Coalition, Lexus Environmental Programs, HealthSpace Cleveland, and the Early Childhood and Prenatal Initiatives of Cuyahoga County.

Before relocating to her native Redondo Beach outside of Los Angeles, Ann served as Director of Communication and Marketing for a public school district in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Prior to that she launched and for fifteen years published the award-winning Cleveland Family and Akron Family magazines while heading the publishing and communications firm, Hearth Marketing & Media, Inc.  During that time she also served on the Board of Directors and as President of Earth Day Coalition – a long-established nonprofit environmental advocacy organization serving Northeast Ohio.  Early in her career, Ann practiced law as an enforcement attorney for the Region II office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in New York City.  She also performed editing services for Scribner’s, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, and Prentice-Hall.

Her published articles include a case study in crisis management published in the PR News Crisis Management Guidebook, and a discussion of marketing to the economically disadvantaged published on  She currently leads in-person and online mastermind groups for small business owners in addition providing services for her clients throughout the USA.

Ann holds a BS in cybernetics from UCLA and a JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She lives in Redondo Beach, California with her husband Brad, and has two daughters who’ve each earned a BA from Columbia University.  One daughter lives in New York City and the other lives in Savannah.